Our Mission

Allied for Startups is a worldwide network of over 40 advocacy organisations in 3 continents focused on improving the policy environment for startups. We are working together to create a consensus on policies that can positively impact startups and grow digital entrepreneurship and digital economy at large. Our mission is to ensure that the voices of startups are heard in government.


  • Melissa Blaustein
    Melissa Blaustein Founder & CEO
  • Benedikt Blomeyer
    Benedikt Blomeyer Manager European Affairs
  • Manon Tabaczynsky
    Manon Tabaczynsky Policy Officer
  • Ines Moreno
    Ines Moreno Junior Policy and Communications Officer
  • Gaivandas Giedraitis
    Gaivandas Giedraitis Digital Health Fellow
  • YOU?
    YOU? Send us your spontaneous application

Continental Council

  • Melissa Blaustein
    Melissa Blaustein Founder & CEO, Allied for Startups
  • Nicolas Brien
    Nicolas Brien CEO, France Digitale
  • Michael McGeary
    Michael McGeary Former Political Director and Senior Strategist at Engine
  • Simon Schaefer
    Simon Schaefer Founder & CEO, Factory
  • Liz McCarthy
    Liz McCarthy Executive Director, Scale Ireland
  • Doina Popa
    Doina Popa Lead Codette
  • Dash Dhakshinamoorthy
    Dash Dhakshinamoorthy Founder & CEO, Startup Malaysia
  • Dom Hallas
    Dom Hallas Executive Director, The Coalition for the Digital Economy (COADEC)

Corporate Board

We are proud to be supported by our Corporate Board. It supports our activities, as laid down in our Mandate, but has no voting rights.

Contact Us

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