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#100 EuropeanStartups – DAY 102 Callpage

28 seconds – That’s how long it’ll take for the company you’re interested in to call you. Turning website visitors into customers is challenging. Callpage’s widget analyses visitors’ behaviour in real-time and offers them the opportunity to call the website host. It’s a win-win: For businesses this can lead up to 75% more interaction with their website. For customers it’s an easy opportunity to ask a question or make an order.

#100 EuropeanStartups – DAY 101 Trakbar

Listen up bar keepers – With Trakbar you can’t run out of drinks at the next Football match. Is Big Data a good combination with drinks? Trakbar has a solution for gastronomy. Utilising big data and performance tools will enable restaurant and bar keepers to stay on top of their business in a simple, user-friendly way. No restaurant should need to hire a data scientist – Trakbar can do the job for you. Trakbar is part of Startupbootcamp FoodTech, based in Rome.

#100 EuropeanStartups – DAY 100 SoundCloud

This European Startup is now the world’s largest music and audio platform! And it’s for free. SoundCloud was founded in 2007 with a basic idea: Create a platform that connects audio and music creators directly with their supporters. Today everyone knows SoundCloud not only for its unique content and features, but also as a hotbed of raw talent. By now, music and audio creators can share and monetise their content via SoundCloud, as well as enjoy the benefits of a global, dynamic community.

#100 EuropeanStartups – DAY 99 Slido

Slido is digitally transforming the way we see meetings – one conference at a time. Its platform doesn’t just make audience interaction easy, it introduces features that were previously inconceivable. Now you can crowd-source the most popular questions from your audience or conduct live polls that feed into your debate – in real time. With Slido, every meeting can become a dialogue.

#100 EuropeanStartups – DAY 98 Wallfarm

Vertical farming is up and coming – but only Wallfarm has the control unit and software that make it affordable and easy on a large scale. Their approach is highly innovative: The LIA (final automation box that is plugged into a Vertical Farming system) is for free! Customers only pay for nutrient refill cartridges. Its also easy to use: no installation or specifications needed; and an app to manage it all! Wallfarm is supported by the Startupbootcamp FoodTech, based in Rome.

#100 EuropeanStartups – DAY 97 BiteBack

Cooking oil from insects? BiteBack has developed a process to do just that, tackling huge levels of deforestation for conventional palm oil in the process. The social-impact startup is also much more efficient: 4 tons of palm oil are produced per hectar of land per year compared to 150 tons of insect oil in the same space! BiteBack's growth is being supported by Startupbootcamp FoodTech, based in Rome.

Startup communities urge EU to put innovation at the heart of the Digital Single Market – Our letter to Commission Vice President Andrus Ansip

Dear Vice President Ansip, With just a few days to go until the unveiling of the Digital Single Market package, we are writing on behalf of Europe’s digital startups to ask you to put innovation at the heart of the proposals. Between us, we represent the startup communities in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, [...]