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#100 EuropeanStartups – DAY 69 Buildsafe

Get a quick overview of safety levels on site. Intuitive graphics show current risk levels and help you prioritise your work – both on company- and project level. The information is available for everyone in the project, which contributes to higher transparency and better collaboration.

#100 EuropeanStartups – DAY 68 Watty

Watty has a big mission. We build ground-breaking solutions that make it possible for anyone to understand complex energy data. With our product we’re bringing the world's energy data online and empower people to make smarter decisions.

#100 EuropeanStartups – DAY 64 Kokoroe

Do you need to get ready for an interview and to modernise you resume which hasn’t been updated in years ? Do you want to speak French without hesitation before your next trip ? Are you aiming to learn how to create a website ? We are offering you a range of activities along the way : languages, school related, IT !

#100 EuropeanStartups – DAY 63 Solu Machines

Solu is the world's smallest general-purpose computer with a revolutionary operating system, an intuitive user interface and a unique subscription model. Our entire ecosystem is built around the way people work and play today, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to get things done wherever you are, whenever you need them done.

#100 EuropeanStartups – DAY 61 Soundreef

Soundreef ltd licenses businesses to play its members’ music in stores and live events in over 20 countries. As well as granting licenses to use music, it gathers and distributes royalties on behalf of authors and publishers, providing an alternative to traditional copyright collection societies.