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Startup Communities’ Questions to Commissioner Vestager
The EU’s new health agenda: Challenge or Opportunity for startups?
The Rise of Startups in the European Digital Health Ecosystem: Opportunities and Challenges
Europe❤️Startups: Why Startups are Europe’s Top Job Creators
Letter to Commission President-elect von der Leyen
Digital Therapeutics: Our takeaways from HIMSS Europe, EHMA 2.0 and DTxEurope
Problem-Based Learning: A startups’ recipe for policy makers
5 Innovative Vaccine Startups in Europe
Allied for Startups Grows to Croatia, Romania and Serbia
Statement on the plenary vote on the Terrorist Content Online Regulation
Statement on the adoption of the P2B regulation’s interinstitutional agreement by the European Parliament
Startup Communities look ahead with policy recommendations
It’s all about Talent, Talent, Talent
AFS Statement on the adoption of the Copyright Directive by the European Parliament
Entrepreneurs in Europe want to thrive!
Upscale Warning for the Startup Nation
Statement on the IMCO opinion vote on the terrorist content proposal
AFS Open Letter: Why Exemptions Do Not Work For Startups
AFS Statement on the interinstitutional agreement (IMCO adoption) of the P2B regulation
Europe❤️Startups: Why Politicians should spend more time with AI and Blockchain entrepreneurs
AFS Statement on the Conclusion of the Trilogues on the Copyright Directive
Open Letter to the trilogue negotiators on a mandatory TDM exception
Artificial Intelligence
Access to Data
Startup Visas
Net Neutrality
Online Platforms
Data Flows
Allied for Startups Joins Startups Nations Summit in Indonesia, Bringing the Voice of Entrepreneursto APAC Policymakers
Why Data Protection & Data Localisation Don’t Mix Well
Launching Allied4Apps
Startups & Developers
Free Flow of Data: A ‘ferrari for startups?’
Accelerating growth of startups in business services and construction
Case in point: PSI Hearing Shows That Startups Belong at the Policy Table
GDPR for Startups in Practise
Artificial Intelligence: Why Regulators Need to Understand Startups First
7 European Fitness and Wellness Apps Helping People Live Healthier
10 European Apps Helping Us Travel Smarter
Annual Summit 2017: The Recap
From Zero to Hero or Europe’s Mighty App Economy: Part I Utility Apps
Announcing: From Zero to Hero or Europe’s Mighty App Economy
Net Neutrality by jonathan-1258430-unsplash
How ISPs promised an open internet – and how it’s NOT
Europe’s Next Creative Renaissance?
Let’s judge the DSM by its results, not ambitions
The Case for Free Flow of Data
Tech Associations Address President-elect
Getting VAT right this time: Startups’ ask to the European Commission
Global Data Flows in Trade
Brain gain: Six ways the EU startup visa will bring success to Europe
Your summer reading list about startups and technology
Vice President Ansip’s response to our letter
Our letter to Commission Vice President Andrus Ansip
Open letter to Co-legislators on the General Data Protection Regulation
Digital Single Market in the European Parliament – in good hands?
European startups set policy priorities for global growth
The post-2018 data protection landscape for startups in the EU
The post-2018 data protection landscape II
Not Neutrality: An end to meaningful net neutrality in Europe?
How a Startup Visa can make the EU (and EU politics) more attractive
Startups rely instinctively on cross-border data flows
Here we go: Europe’s thriving app economy
Europe Should Praise its Startups
Allied for Startups Announces Launch of Brussels Office; Hires Lenard Koschwitz
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