In the Americas, reaching from the startup mekka Silicon Valley, up north to Canada until down south to tigerlike growing markets like Brazil and Chile, we nurture our mission and vision from some of the pioneering stories and the infinite hunger for innovation.

February 2019
Inside Sources: Entrepreneurs Need to Escape The “Start up” Trap 

Tag: Privacy, GDPR, Online Platforms

January 2019
The Hill: 
116th Congress: Please develop balanced digital privacy policy (Op-ed)

Tag: Privacy, GDPR, Online Platforms

May 2018:
Morning Consult: American Companies Must Ramp Up Data Privacy Before It’s Too Late

Tag: Privacy, GDPR

April 2018:
Featuring in WSJ: What Lessons Can Washington Learn From Europe About Regulation of Tech Firms?

Tag: Privacy, GDPR, Online Platforms

April 2018:
The Hill: Can Silicon Valley expect European-style regulation here at home?

Tag: Privacy, GDPR, Online Platforms

September 2017
Mercury News: ‘Startup Europe’, Silicon Valley sessions this week tackle EU Privacy Shield (op-ed)

Tag: Privacy Shield, Privacy

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