PRESS RELEASE: The US executive order is a pivotal step towards transatlantic data transfers that work for startups

October 7, 2022
Allied for Startups - Press Release - Data Act - Startups - EHDS -INI report PRESS RELEASE: EU startup associations call for the establishment of a dedicated startup intergroup in the European Parliament

[Brussels, 7 October 2022, contact: [email protected]]  The US  executive order on transatlantic data transfers is a pivotal step towards an agreement that will facilitate data transfers on both sides of the Atlantic. Allied for Startups welcomes this approach from the US administration which will bring significant benefits for startups.  

Speaking about the release, Allied For Startups CEO and Founder, Melissa Blaustein, said: “An enduring agreement on privacy between the US and the EU is vital to the startup ecosystem and we encourage the European Commission to start the ratification process as soon as possible”.

“Mechanisms such as the Privacy Shield make it much easier for startups to ensure that they are protecting their customers’ private data.”

The invalidation of the Privacy Shield in July 2020 presented a difficult scenario for the 5,300 companies using it, especially startups, who were forced to employ complex data transfer mechanisms with limited resources. 

On a potential future agreement, Blaustein added: “A new agreement on transatlantic data transfers should lay the foundation for a stable and durable framework that enables innovation and upholds fundamental rights on both sides of the Atlantic”. 

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