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Innovation May 18, 2017 Europe’s Next Creative Renaissance?

Economic struggle and unemployment, especially among young Europeans, are weighing heavy on the European Union. Startups provide an alternative for bright Europeans who don’t want to wait until fate comes their way. Just as the many leading entrepreneurs from Europe before, talent will create successful businesses. Period. The question is whether we give startups the …

Digital Single Market May 15, 2017 Let’s judge the DSM by its results, not ambitions

Every startup starts with a groundbreaking idea. However, until one can speak of success, many more things have to happen. There is a whole discussion about whether the idea or execution is more important. In that spirit, we propose judging the Digital Single Market by what it achieves, and not by what it sets out to achieve. …

Data December 13, 2016 The Case for Free Flow of Data

Think global – that’s what startups do from day one. To do so, they require a healthy mix of access to finance, talent, market, education, culture and startup-friendly regulations, which constitute a ecosystem. A borderless internet is one core component of this environment – and that requires free flow of data. We’ve been here before. …

Open Letter December 12, 2016 Tech Associations Address President-elect

In a cross-sectoral move, 17 tech associations, reached out to president-elect Donald J. Trump.

Statement Tax December 1, 2016 Getting VAT right this time: Startups’ ask to the European Commission

Currently startups find themselves in a nightmare of costly VAT reporting obligations instead of growing their business.

Data September 19, 2016 Global Data Flows in Trade

Why cross-border data flows should be included in trade agreements currently under negotiation.

Talent August 22, 2016 Brain gain: Six ways the EU startup visa will bring success to Europe

Europe needs to do more to attract talented people and the growth of boost startups. Right now, Europe is bleeding talent, but governments can reverse that trend. The European Commission will propose changes to the blue card visa for highly-skilled workers tomorrow (7 June). Let’s hope the executive listens to what member states called for …

Startups July 18, 2016 Your summer reading list about startups and technology

What are the essential reads for European policy makers (and everyone) this summer and throughout 2016?

Digital Single Market Open Letter May 11, 2016 Vice President Ansip’s response to our letter

The Commissioner for Digital Single Market’s reply to startup communities.

Digital Single Market Open Letter May 11, 2016 Our letter to Commission Vice President Andrus Ansip

Startup communities urge EU to put innovation at the heart of the Digital Single Market