Data September 29, 2018 Why Data Protection & Data Localisation Don’t Mix Well

Data localisation measures run contrary to best practises in lawmaking. Besides increasing cost and decreasing choice for users, they are bad news for startups globally. Contrary to their intent, such measures make data protection harder. Data protection is in startups’ DNA. While some applications are indispensable for users, deletion is only a click away if …

Data March 20, 2018 Free Flow of Data: A ‘ferrari for startups?’

If a startup was a car, what would it be? In light of the fragmentation in the digital economy, the racetrack it is on would be curvy and steep one. Yet, if the regulation for free flow of non-personal data passes, Rapporteur Corazza Bildt thinks startups could get a ferrari. 🏎 What’s this about? Currently, …

Data December 13, 2016 The Case for Free Flow of Data

Think global – that’s what startups do from day one. To do so, they require a healthy mix of access to finance, talent, market, education, culture and startup-friendly regulations, which constitute a ecosystem. A borderless internet is one core component of this environment – and that requires free flow of data. We’ve been here before. …

Data September 19, 2016 Global Data Flows in Trade

Why cross-border data flows should be included in trade agreements currently under negotiation.

Data Open Letter May 11, 2016 Open letter to Co-legislators on the General Data Protection Regulation

With the trilogue negotiations of the GDPR coming to a crucial phase we are writing you on behalf of tech startups to make our voice heard in favour a data protection framework that helps building trust…

Data May 11, 2016 The post-2018 data protection landscape for startups in the EU

Will GDPR ease the life of startups or imply stricter rules?

Data May 11, 2016 The post-2018 data protection landscape II

In this second part we will look at some more aspects of the GDPR and formulate ways for the startup community to stay inventive in the EU.

Data Open Letter May 11, 2016 Startups rely instinctively on cross-border data flows

Open Letter to Commissioner Jourová and Secretary Pritzker.

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