Europe 2024-2029

🇪🇺 Europe 2024-2029: From regulatory to innovation superpower?

The 2019-2024 European mandate has been a game-changer for the European tech ecosystem. From digital markets to online content, cybersecurity, data, cloud, all the way to artificial intelligence, the EU has delivered its promise to regulate the digital economy. What’s next? 

After creating a strong regulatory framework, we believe it is time for European policymakers to create the conditions for European tech champions to grow and thrive within it. 

For this reason, startup organisations from different Member States have joined forces to facilitate direct discussions between European innovative companies and policymakers in Brussels. This initiative aims to address EU priorities for 2024 and the subsequent five years following the EU elections.


10 January, 14:00-18:00 CET


European Parliament (SPAAK 5B1), Rue Wiertz 60, 1047 Bruxelles


Our target audience includes startups, MEPs, Commission officials, Member States representatives, Council Presidency representatives, policy advisors, assistants, and interest groups from within the Brussels bubble.



Welcome remarks by MEP Morten Løkkegaard 🗣️


Panel 1: What legacy for the EU tech regulation?

As the European Union continues to refine its approach to tech regulation, startups find themselves at the forefront of change. The panel on EU Tech regulation will navigate through the intricate web of policies, compliance frameworks, and legal landscapes that shape the environment in which startups operate. From data protection and privacy considerations to rapidly evolving technologies such as artificial intelligence, and beyond, the panel will dissect the regulatory frameworks that are shaping the future of the European tech scene. 


Panel 2: Investing in innovation - the key to boosting Europe’s competitiveness? 🇪🇺

In the ever-evolving quest for global competitiveness, this discussion takes center stage to unravel the pivotal role of investing in innovation as the catalyst for propelling Europe forward. This discussion goes beyond financial considerations, delving into the role of public and private sectors in fostering a culture of innovation across European corporates, institutional investors and public organizations. From venture capital to public funding initiatives, the panel will analyze the diverse avenues available to support and nurture groundbreaking ideas and technologies.


Networking drinks 🥂

Networking reception in the European Quarter and presentation of the ONE24 Manifesto. The exact venue will be announced soon.


MEP Morten Løkkegaard
European Parliament

Mathieu Michel
Belgian Federal Government

MEP Eva-Maria Poptcheva
European Parliament

Astrid Bartels
European Commission

Wiktoria Wójcik

Olivier Dubuisson
Karista VC

Sacha Michaud


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