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How to Master Europe’s Digital Infrastructure Needs?

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On June 12, 2023, we had the pleasure of hosting the event “How to Master Europe’s Digital Infrastructure Needs?”, supported by Euractiv as our Media Partner. The event focused on understanding the diverse needs of stakeholders in the digital infrastructure industry and discussing the European Commission’s policy proposals for the new legislative term, outlined in its White Paper from February 2024.

The White Paper serves as a basis for consultation among various stakeholders, including Member States, civil society, industry, and academics, in order to collest their views on the scenarios and provide them with an opportunity to contribute to the Commission’s future proposals in this domain.

With the EU elections now behind us, it was an opportune moment to delve into how these policy actions might affect the myriad of stakeholders involved. By bringing together key actors in Europe’s digital infrastructure sector, we sought to explore how the digital economy and society can thrive and how the sector can bolster the EU’s competitiveness by fostering innovation.

The event featured a presentation delivered by Benoît Felten of Plum Consulting, covering their recently published report analysing the White Paper’s proposed policy actions and their potential impact on stakeholders. This was followed by a panel discussion with various impacted stakeholders, focusing on the contribution of digital infrastructure to the EU’s competitiveness and innovative capabilities. The discussion featured Peter Stuckmann, DG CNECT, European Commission; Mieke de Regt Senior, The Permanent Representation of Belgium to the EU; Cláudio Teixeira, BEUC; Aurélie Doutriaux, Orange.


Benoit Felten

Partner, Plum Consulting

Mieke de Regt

Senior advisor for European Digital and Telecommunications policy, The Permanent Representation of Belgium to the EU

Cláudio Teixeira

Legal Officer, Digital and Consumer Rights, BEUC

Aurélie Doutriaux

Deputy Director Brussels Office, Orange

Benoît Felten

Partner, Plum Consulting

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