Allied For Startups


Allied for Startups DTx brings together startups, policymakers and other healthcare stakeholders, with the aim of enhancing the policy environment and supporting innovation for startups in the European healthcare ecosystem. Our Mission is to build a network of startups, policymakers and other stakeholders to…

Allied For Startups


Allied for Startups DTx brings together startups, policymakers and other healthcare stakeholders, with the aim of enhancing the policy environment and supporting innovation for startups in the European healthcare ecosystem. Our Mission is to build a network of startups, policymakers and other stakeholders to…

Our Mission

Ensure that EU policies benefit startups in healthcare,
Connect stakeholders, discuss challenges and share best practices,
Lead policy dialogues around digital health,
Facilitate and enhance cooperation among startups and stakeholders.

What we do

Monitor and identify opportunities for startups to engage with policy makers.
Bring startup entrepreneurs and communities together to raise awareness about EU policies and initiatives,
Engage with and create opportunities for startups to engage with policy makers.
Speak on behalf of startup communities to promote research and opinion on digital health.





Our work

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Our members are innovative digital health startups who are supporting health care systems, assisting doctors and empowering individuals. Each startup is unique but all of them are developing solutions to advance the digital transformation of health and care

brings healthcare out of the hospital with wearables and data analytics. With their platform Byteflies allows 24/7 home monitoring for better patient follow-up, prevention and prediction

helps people with brain disorders and injuries with their digital therapeutic apps. Users strengthen cognitive brain functions with adaptive neuro-games and are guided to implement brain healthy habits that improve brain health. Better brain, better life!

develops revolutionary 3D analytics software for medical doctors. The software turns medical images into numerical data to support fact-based diagnosis and treatment planning.

is an AI digital health platform that helps families and their children to overcome their weight problems and develop healthy habits with the support of new technologies. Wello creates happy and healthy families by teaching children to love nutrition.

helps people with sleeping disorders get better sleep through a digital improvement program. As one of the leading digital health companies in Sweden, it has treated over 1000 patients, improving the sleep of over 90% of them.

makes medication connected! Improved adherence and higher patient engagement are just some of the benefits of the platform with a unique device, app & cloud.

is the only pure platform dedicated to helping insurance companies leverage mobile health technologies for new innovative services. Wellmo enables insurers to select the best apps and services on the market and integrate them into a unified user experience.

provides brain imaging AI solutions to obtain clinically meaningful data from brain scans. The CE-marked and FDA-cleared icobrain software can quantify and track brain abnormalities and assists in the enhanced diagnosis of neurological conditions.

develops robust user-friendly ICT solutions that help customers sustain their own well-being while also improving their personal health literacy and empowering them with a safe and enjoyable educational experience.

is a prescription digital therapeutic for stroke survivors. Based on neuroscience, it uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to promote mental health and treat stroke-induced depression, encourage the rehabilitation process, and help prevent long term disabilities.

improves communication between doctors and patients, empowering them to work efficiently together. Patients can store all of their health data – privately and securely – on Andaman7’s free smartphone app and be in full control of it.

is an online platform for professionals working in cognitive stimulation with thousands of activities classified into over 40 cognitive processes.  An excellent tool for teletherapy, NeuronUP allows the neurorehabilitation professional to save time and easily create an engaging and personalized intervention.

Biloba is helping parents with their children’s health by providing the #1 telepediatric app. Parents can chat with our team of GPs, pediatricians and nurses everyday from from 8am to 8pm.

is a new generation interactive communication platform connecting all healthcare industry stakeholders. We create measurable value through trust-based engagement between companies, doctors and patients.

combines lifestyle tracking with artificial intelligence to generate tailored insights about your pregnancy health.

helps doctors identify rare diseases faster so that patients’ lives can be improved with proper and timely care.

Many cancer patients and survivors suffer from Cancer-Related Fatigue. The Untire app by Tired of Cancer helps to reduce fatigue and gain more energy.

combines behavioural science with smart technology and incredible people to tackle the global epidemic of chronic lifestyle diseases once and for all.

data hub delivers personal health data easily and securely to your system. It give you a holistic understanding of your customers’ health.

Psious is the first all-in-one VR platform for therapists and mental health professionals. It has never been easier to apply VR therapy in clinical practice.

logo docline

allows health professionals to connect with their patients online in a safe way. The platform includes the services of video consultation, chat, medical history,  e-Prescription and appointment management.

is a startup developing end-to-end patient engagement solutions for clinical research and patient support programs (PSPs).

is a telemedicine startup providing instant messaging solutions and services for patients, medical professionals and companies.

is an online platform connecting patients with dermatologists who carry out an online diagnosis within 24 hours.

is a complete teleconsultation solution easily accessible for all patients and doctors, distinguished by its free online access model without subscription.

is a platform that enables convenient access to mental and physical health specialists, using digital tools to improve diagnosis and access to care.

is a patient care platform for the follow up of patients suffering from chronic diseases or patients discharged from hospital after intensive care. The solution improves communication and enables a better quality of care.

is developing an app for the prevention and treatment of burnout, effectively helping people enjoy a stronger drive, improved energy levels, and ultimately being able to enjoy life to the fullest.

is the first digital integrated treatment for gambling addiction. The companion mobile app offers a holistic program to prevent and treat this addiction effectively.

an AI digital health assistant for monitoring of chronic patients

patient centered hemodynamics 2.0. – With high-end remote pulsewave monitoring.

robota develops robotic solutions for sterilization in medical structures. Robota does it better, safer and less expensive.

Complear brings medical device products to the market with our boutique regulatory and compliance services for Medical Devices and IVDs – and by building the future operating system for automating regulatory and compliance for Digital Health with the power of the community.


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    Featured Initiatives

    Our French member published a series of useful resources and contacts for your startup and your employees while facing the consequences of COVID-19. Through this link you can find, amongst others, essential contacts cheat sheets and the France Digital e-health task force. France Digitale also continuously posts on their twitter account with relevant and timely updates

    Our Irish member published a document that outlines how their priorities have shifted due to the COVID-19 outbreak. It outlines 2 focus areas: 1) How the startup ecosystem can best support the Government, the HSE and wider efforts to combat the COVID-19 challenge and 2) How we can work with the Government to protect the startup ecosystem. The document includes a list of resources the Irish Government is providing for startups as well as useful remote working resources

    Our UK Member has also shifted its priorities to provide clarity to UK startups as the pandemic evolves. Their first priority is to find out how innovative companies in the ecosystem can best support the Government, the NHS and wider efforts to combat the COVID-19 challenge. Secondly: How we can protect our ecosystem from the broad systemic damage that the virus will do to the British and global economy. You can find out more here. In addition, COADEC launched its campaign Save our Startups