At Allied for startups we believe that forthcoming AI legislation should therefore be centered around the idea of providing a clear and straightforward framework for startup entrepreneurs to operate with. A harmonised European approach can pave the way for easier deployment and scale-up of AI across Europe.

Formulating AI principles on a European level can be an advantageous first step for creating future-proof legislation. Unlike overly prescriptive legislation, or legislation that is technologically specific, it can leave a broad scope for startup entrepreneurs to innovate in.

Artificial Intelligence principles

For startup entrepreneurs

For startup entrepreneurs, AI principles need to be boiled down to concrete and actionable advice. A principle based approach to AI legislation that encourages startups can be facilitated with the following startup reality-check:

  • 01. Explainability for a startup entrepreneur
    • AI is another technically complex field which will require translating values to a rapidly changing innovative field. As much as entrepreneurs have a responsibility to explain their work and vision to policy makers, policy makers also need to design laws that can be understood and navigated by smaller players, the startups.
  • 02. Startup & Innovation Principle
    • Any legislation, even in a field categorised as high-risk, should be constructed through the lens of a startup entrepreneur building a company in that sector. The ambition of a good law should be implementability by everyone
  • 03. Not a Startup, but a Startup Ecosystem Perspective
    • New AI rules should be designed with the collection of startup ecosystems in mind, and not by looking at a single large company. Build on the fact that Europe has its own competitive advantages in AI, build on these advantages by assuming an ecosystem perspective.
  • 04. Minimise intervention in startup innovation
    • An adapted approach, not applying the same blueprint to every startup, can be a first step to ensuring that regulation doesn’t stand in the way unnecessarily of innovation. A distinction between high and low risk sectors or use-cases should still keep in mind that there are ambitious startups operating in all fields.

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