Navigating the policy environment can be complicated. Due to lacking resources and time, it is not always a priority for entrepreneurs. Startups need a strong voice in politics and government to be able to address problems and potential bottlenecks in innovation. The aim of Allied for Startups DTx is to be the bridge between startups

policymakers and stakeholders in the European healthcare ecosystem in order to lower regulatory barriers, enhance growth and support innovation for startups. Startups can only push for fundamental improvements in regulations through a unified voice. This will pave the way for better healthcare across the board.

These are the 3 Topics That Matter For Startups In The European Digital Health Ecosystem

A European Single Market in Healthcare

More harmonisation of regulatory requirements at the EU level can help reduce market fragmentation in healthcare, reduce costs and increase the overall healthcare quality among EU Member States. EU initiatives such as the European Reference Networks for rare disease treatment and the eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure for cross-border health data exchange, a pan-European interoperable system add value to a unified market in healthcare.

A Common European Data Space in Healthcare

Better access to more data, for instance by improving access to public data and fostering measures to encourage private data sharing, is extremely important in healthcare. Widespread use of electronic health records (EHR) for the exchange and use of health data in the EU can facilitate cross-border interoperability and reduce the cost of healthcare significantly. This will allow better and faster innovation, while respecting citizen privacy.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

According to MMC Ventures’ The State of AI 2019: Divergence report, about one out of five among Europe’s 1600 AI startups are in the health and wellbeing sector. While ethical guidelines to inform AI development is necessary, over-regulation is not the solution. A regulatory regime that allows AI development can enable more innovation and investment in AI. Regulation and legislation play an important role, as they also set a framework on how data can be used.
You can read more about our position here…


You can read more about our position here…