The Allied for Startups Annual Summit brings together representatives from over 25 startup associations across the world. Every year, we deliberate on the most critical policy issues, discuss new trends and cast our votes to determine the focus areas for the year ahead. This democratic approach empowers the community to have a collective voice in shaping policies that impact the growth and success of the startup ecosystem.

For the first time, the Summit will open its doors to the public, bringing together entrepreneurs, startup communities, policymakers and industry experts to debate digital trends, entrepreneurship, and legislation. We hope to create a space to strengthen the ties between startup associations, policymakers, and experts that will foster a collaborative environment and drive startup innovation.

10 October 2023, 14:00 – 17:00

Microsoft Center, Rue Montoyer 51 Brussels

Everyone is welcome.
Entrance is free of charge.



Doors open


Keynote: Hubert Gambs on Innovation and Startup Ecosystems

Hubert Gambs (Directorate-General DG GROW, European Commission)

Diving into the regulatory landscape concerning startups and SMEs, from the Single Digital Gateway, the SME Relief Package as well as the Digital Markets and Digital Services Acts.  


Panel I: From Startup to Scaleup

Sacha Michaud (Glovo), Tobias Henz (McKinsey & Company), Caroline Louise Lilleør (Sirène), Robin Wauters (Tech.eu)

Successful startup entrepreneurs who have navigated the journey from humble startup beginnings to achieving impressive scale-up growth will speak about insights, strategies, and real-life experiences on how to scale ventures across borders.


Panel II: AI Global Regulation: Shaping the Future

Kai Zenner (European Parliament), Frances Burwell (Atlantic Council), Zachary Long (Conductor.AI), Martin Ulbrich (DG Connect, European Commission)

This panel will delve into the topic of AI regulation in the EU and the way AI can promote innovation in the global startup ecosystem. With AI continuing to transform societies and industries on a global scale, there’s an urgent need to discuss how AI standards could maintain an innovative framework while ensuring the protection of individuals and human values.

Meet our


Zachary Long
Founder at Conductor.AI


Frances Burwell

Distinguished Fellow at Atlantic Council, Senior Director at McLarty Associates

Sacha_headshot (1)

Sacha Michaud
Co-Founder at Glovo

KZenner - headshot (1)

Kai Zenner

Head of Office and Digital Policy Advisor at European Parliament


Hubert Gambs

Deputy Director-General DG GROW, European Comission


Caroline Louise Lilleør
Owner and Co-Founder at Sirène


Robin Wauters
Founder at Tech.eu


Tobias Henz
Partner at McKinsey & Company

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 11.12.29

Martin Ulbrich
Policy Officer at DG Connect, European Commission

Annual Summit 2022 Highlights

The 8th edition of the Allied For Startup Annual Summit brought together representatives from over 25 startup associations across the globe. We gathered in Brussels to connect, exchange ideas, and vote on our 2023 policy priorities.

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