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AFS Annual Summit, 14-16 October 2024

Each year, our flagship event, the AFS Annual Summit, unites delegates from more than 25 startup associations worldwide. Together, we engage in crucial discussions on policy matters, explore emerging trends, and participate in collaborative decision-making to set our priorities for the upcoming year. Through this inclusive and democratic process, our community gains a unified voice in influencing policies crucial to the continued growth and prosperity of the startup ecosystem.

Join us for the upcoming edition of the AFS Annual Summit, where we’ll be celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the organisation. The event will be taking place on 14-16 October 2024.

For more information, explore the highlights from last year’s Summit on our dedicated page.

Past Events

Discover AFS-organized events, where the vibrant voice of the startup community converges with policymakers as well as other stakeholders!

Take a look at AFS-organised events, bringing the voice of the startup community to policy making table as well as other stakeholders!