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Startup and Scale-up Intergroup in the European Parliament

Digital Entrepreneurship

Why an intergroup for startups?

Startups and scale-ups are at the forefront of economic, technological, and social development. By creating an inter-parliamentary dialogue that brings together policymakers, startup associations, and entrepreneurs, the intergroup would will provide decision-makers with a unique access to an invaluable source of information that can equip them with the tools to create and foster a favourable policy ecosystem for startups. This way, tangible benefits for startups and European citizens can be achieved.

In an enabling ecosystem for digital entrepreneurship, startups can:

Drive economic recovery and growth;

Contribute to job creation;

Deliver innovations for the good of the environment and healthcare;

Boost the digital and green transitions.

What can the startup intergroup achieve?

Entrepreneurs and policymakers alike can profit from a closer bond. This is why we want to facilitate dialogue and deepen the collaboration between Europe’s innovative communities and decision-makers by creating an intergroup for startups and scale-ups.

To create a favourable policy environment for digital entrepreneurship, it is crucial that policymakers come together and discuss pertinent startup issues including innovation, (digital) entrepreneurship, and technology at large, contributing to fact-based policymaking. This way, we can make sure that the needs of startups are eloquently discussed and accounted for so that we all get to savour the flavours of progress and innovation!