DSA 4 Startups Roadshow: Denmark

June 19, 2020

June 19, 2020, Copenhagen 

In collaboration with our Member – The Danish Entrepreneurs Association – we hosted the 4th Webinar in our #DSA4Startups Roadshow. The input of representatives from Too Good To Go,  the food saving platform, YelpDanish Crowfunding Association and TrustPilot provided a case in point on how platforms will be affected by the Digital Services Act. Although different startups provide very different services they will commonly will express that increased liability would undermine the open platform model and could ultimately constitute an existential threat to a lot of businesses. Limiting photos, types of content and speech would require moderation which would be impossible for some startups to sustain. High level speakers included:

  • Karen Melchior (MEP)
  • Yana Toom (MEP)
  • Pernille Weiss (MEP)