May 11, 2016

About a week ago we launched a crowdsourced document to find out what you want MEPs (and everyone) to read. Now check this out, we received a ton of online articles, podcasts and books about tech, code, startups, big data, internet regulation and many more aspects of the digital revolution. #techxmasreadings

Based on the alternative summer reading list by Guy Levin and Charlotte Holloway we wanted to give this a European drill and ask you what the essential reads for Members of the European Parliament (and everyone) are this winter and throughout 2016?

Today we delivered your recommendations directly on the desktops and handhelds of MEPs and policy makers! We wish everyone a good and insightful lecture!

Most importantly, this document will remain open and is intended to grow further! So even if you should read this after christmas, have a look and add your suggestion!

Here is the list