Talent April 5, 2019 It’s all about Talent, Talent, Talent

Next to markets and capital, talent has always been one of the top three things entrepreneurs need to thrive. With more capital available and markets slowly uniting, access to talent is becoming the biggest bottleneck to scaling up in the EU. We suggest three building blocks to policy makers: Train more talent, enable startups to hire …

Talent August 22, 2016 Brain gain: Six ways the EU startup visa will bring success to Europe

Europe needs to do more to attract talented people and the growth of boost startups. Right now, Europe is bleeding talent, but governments can reverse that trend. The European Commission will propose changes to the blue card visa for highly-skilled workers tomorrow (7 June). Let’s hope the executive listens to what member states called for …

Talent May 11, 2016 How a Startup Visa can make the EU (and EU politics) more attractive

As we are working towards the Digital Single Market, the access of third country entrepreneurs should be part of our discussion.