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Digital Single Market DSA 4 Startups Latest News Policy September 21, 2021 Tweaking the Country of Origin principle in the DSA – A threat to the Digital Single Market

As the discussions around the Digital Services Act (DSA) progress, one principle is of key importance for startups – the Country of Origin, also known as the Internal Market Clause. The principle states that a company must follow the legislation of its country of establishment, regardless of where its services are offered. Concretely, a second-hand …

Digital Single Market DSA 4 Startups Latest News platforms Policy September 8, 2021 How will marketplace startups in the EU deal with new platform rules?

There are about 10,000 startup platforms in the EU, many of which are online marketplaces. The Digital Services Act has the potential to empower these to launch their businesses and scale in the EU, if it preserves the founding principles of the platform economy and gives entrepreneurs legal clarity. As the discussions are underway in …

Competition Digital Single Market Latest News platforms December 3, 2020 The Digital Markets Act – FAQ for Startup Founders

For the past year, we’ve been hearing and talking a lot about the DSA – The Digital Services Act. Not everyone will have followed that, in parallel, the European Commission was reviewing competition rules for the digital economy. Now the fruits of this labour will be presented. On to the stage comes the DMA – …

Digital Single Market May 15, 2017 Let’s judge the DSM by its results, not ambitions

Every startup starts with a groundbreaking idea. However, until one can speak of success, many more things have to happen. There is a whole discussion about whether the idea or execution is more important. In that spirit, we propose judging the Digital Single Market by what it achieves, and not by what it sets out to achieve. …

Digital Single Market Open Letter May 11, 2016 Vice President Ansip’s response to our letter

The Commissioner for Digital Single Market’s reply to startup communities.

Digital Single Market Open Letter May 11, 2016 Our letter to Commission Vice President Andrus Ansip

Startup communities urge EU to put innovation at the heart of the Digital Single Market