Latest News Tax April 15, 2021 How would an EU Digital Levy impact startups?

Going global is in startups’ DNA, they create products designed with a global mindset and their objective is to compete internationally. A conducive environment for global innovation is one in which policy makers strive to avoid fragmentation so that startups only have to scale-up once.  For that reason, we’ve always been supportive and have called …

Latest News Open Letter Tax February 11, 2021 Open Letter: Tech sector bodies call for new impetus from the US, EU and UK to find a solution for the taxation of the digital economy

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the importance of digital services to the modern economy. Tech sector has played a vital role in helping keep our society connected and our economies going throughout the harshest of years. To return to growth in 2021 the US, EU and its Member States and the UK are rightly seeking …

Tax March 19, 2020 Why the WTO moratorium on customs duties on electronic transmissions matters for startups

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) members passed a moratorium on customs duties on electronic transmissions in 1998. Over the years, the moratorium has ensured a flourishing and interconnected digital economy in which startups have been and remain the main characters. The moratorium is usually renewed every 2 years at the WTO Ministerial Conference. Unfortunately, in …

Statement Tax December 1, 2016 Getting VAT right this time: Startups’ ask to the European Commission

Currently startups find themselves in a nightmare of costly VAT reporting obligations instead of growing their business.