Annual Summit 2017: The Recap

November 14, 2017
Annual Summit

Against the backdrop that most discussions in Brussels about startups still happen without a voice of startups at the table, over 25 European and global startup organisations joined Allied for Startups’ 3rd Policy Summit. “This week (October 16-18) alone we saw twice that the voice of startups needs to be louder in Brussels” Lenard Koschwitz, EU Director, stressed. “MEPs adopted a report on ePrivacy which ignores the reality of startups in Europe. Or take the fact that proposed copyright rules pose a disproportionate burden on smaller platform operators as 56 academics just highlighted.”

In a series of meetings and workshops, policy priorities for startup communities were developed and discussed with representatives of the Commission and Parliament. Since 2015 the organisation is vocal on digital single market issues, data protection, net-neutrality, data flows and platforms. Future priorities will include artificial intelligence, the data economy and ePrivacy. Policy makers can expect to hear more from the startup community on these issues.

As the role of startups in politics evolves and Allied for Startups grows its membership to 39 organisations, we have decided to reflect to these developments in our Continental Council. Complementing the five founding members, four new members were elected to the board. The new council represents the networks’ diversity and brings entrepreneurial expertise to the table. The Continental Council will be part of the organisations’ strategic decision making and will take a more prominent role by representing Allied for Startups in Europe and globally. Lenard Koschwitz will continue to lead the organisations’ activities in Europe.

The Summit took place in Brussels from October 16 to 18.