COVID-19 & digital health startups: an overview

May 6, 2020

Digital solutions are playing a vital role in supporting health care systems and people around the world throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the recovery.

We talked to several digital health startups’ founders who are providing innovative solutions to support health care providers, reduce the spread of the virus and increase the accessibility of health services:

-Ilia Tikhomirov & Sophie Wharrie, founders of an Estonian startup Velmio. Velmio developed a COVID-19 tracing app that can be used as a base for countries’ national apps.

-Xavier Palomer, founder of Psious, a startup developing VR solutions for mental health professionals. The startup recently adopted the product to enable remote use.

-Kim Baden-Kristensen, founder of Brain+, a startup from Denmark offering a mobile platform to support the rehabilitation process of people who have cognitive issues.  

-The Ada team, a startup based in Berlin. Ada released a COVID-19 assessment and screener tool to ease the pressure being put on health systems.

Download our case studies: COVID-19 & digital health startups: an overview to find out more about startups tackling COVID-19, their challenges and views on the future of digital health.