PRESS RELEASE: Allied For Startups Encourages The European Commission To Empower Startups To Achieve Green And Digital Economic Growth.

May 28, 2020

[Brussels, 28 MAY 2020, contact: [email protected]] Allied for Startups welcomes the European Commission’s budget proposal for 2021-2027 and encourages the European Commission to leverage startups’ ambitions and growth potential to build a greener and more sustainable economy.

Speaking about the release of the EU’s long-term budget, Benedikt Blomeyer, EU Policy Director at Allied for Startups said “Next Generation EU is perfectly placed to tap into the potential of startups. We encourage the European Commission to build a programme for the economy of tomorrow, not one for the pre-COVID-19 economy.”

From the start of the COVID-19 crisis, we have witnessed startups step up to provide solutions, from telehealth, to remote working and food delivery. By creating a hospitable policy environment for startups to grow and thrive and investing in the key sectors of tomorrow, policy makers can lead the way into shaping the EU as the first green, digital and resilient economy.

“The greener and more sustainable digital economy that the EU is striving for can be achieved by using the technologies that startups create. We believe there is no better investment than empowering and leveraging startup ecosystems that will build the economy of tomorrow” Blomeyer added.

What startup entrepreneurs say:

“The world has pivoted towards a green and digital society and because of COVID, it is mandatory for Europe to really rethink it’s positioning. We have everything we need: research, innovation, well-trained professionals, etc. But, we need to reinforce the industry and the task we have been doing in the last few years. Without the right financial support, all these efforts will make no sense. Startups are the pace of a society, the future” Xavier Palomer, Founder and CEO of Psious

”The bold move from the European Commission is welcomed, and I believe the diversity of EU and its thriving start-up community will be at the heart of achieving the goal of accelerating the digital transition of the EU” Kim Baden-Kristensen, Founder & CEO of Brain+

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