PRESS RELEASE: Maintaining the foundation of the platform economy in The Digital Services Act is key to startup growth

November 26, 2021

[Brussels, 25 November 2021, contact ines@alliedforstartups.org] We welcome the adoption of the Council of the EU’s general approach on the Digital Services Act which maintains the key principles of the E-Commerce Directive and the Country of Origin principle, which is vitally important for startup ecosystems.  

The general approach preserves three key principles for startup ecosystems: intermediary liability exemption, the ban of general monitoring and voluntary own initiative actions. Speaking about the Council’s approach, Benedikt Blomeyer, Director EU Policy, said “Maintaining the foundation of the platform economy in Europe provides startups with a competitive level-playing field where they can grow and scale, which is critical to EU economic growth.”

The E-Commerce Directive has ensured for the last 20 years that startups can scale across borders with legal certainty. Blomeyer commented: “The Country of Origin principle in the DSA is key to maintaining the integrity of the Digital Single Market. It allows startups to operate as global businesses, trade across borders and test their innovations from a single location”

Allied for Startups will continue to engage with policy makers on this key file for startups. We encourage policy makers to design straightforward and proportionate DSA rules for startups to be able to comply with from day one.

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