HealthTech Charter – The Spanish Fitness Check: Startup Voices in Policy

April 15, 2022
HealthTech Charter

Startup perspectives need to be heard in policy and government! Join us in our new project to spotlight entrepreneurial voices in healthtech regulation in Spain.

Innovators in digital health often spend time and resources navigating complex legislation across Europe. Overly complex rules, in turn, hinder digital health solutions from reaching their full potential. We believe startup entrepreneurs should be preoccupied with what they do best – innovating. With the HealthTech Charter officially launched – a best-practice repository of the most empowering policies and measures for digital health innovation across Europe – Allied for Startups is zooming into Spain and conducting a ‘Fitness Check’ of the digital health innovation ecosystem. 

Spain has been a long supporter of the digital transformation of health. Reflected in its Digital Health Strategy, the Spanish Government outlines key lines of action to tackle health challenges.  From interoperability standards to electronic health records – Spain has set ambitious targets to maximise the potential digital health has to offer. But how has this strategy led to success on the ground for startups?  

WHAT? Entrepreneurs, experts and ecosystem partners: We need your expertise!  We want to know what works according to entrepreneurs in Spain – from accessing health data, AI sandboxes, to reimbursement schemes – and what needs to be improved? We only need  5 minutes to fill out this survey or get in touch to provide a short case study featured in the report.

WHY? So that we can collect and approach policy makers with recommendations of what startups need in the digital health arena. In doing so, you can make sure your voice is heard and your concerns addressed. Be part of key conversations for the future of digital health innovation in Europe! Together we can co-create a regulatory environment where health innovation can thrive. 

Interested? Don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected] for more information & how to get involved!