STATEMENT: Allied for Startups stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. 

April 27, 2022

Allied for Startups unequivocally condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We express our heart-felt sympathy for the victims of this war and their families. 

As a global network of startup associations, we underline our willingness to assist wherever and however we can. To date, we have collected and published a list of best practices and resources for startup ecosystems who would like to support Ukraine. We continue to collect and share strategies on how tech ecosystems can harness their potential to help those in need of urgent assistance in war. Startups have been the innovation engine to solve some of our world’s most pressing problems. This moment is no different. We must each encourage our ecosystems to do all that we can to stand with Ukraine. 

We call for the immediate withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine and a cessation of hostilities, respect for Ukraine’s sovereignty and the protection of all civilians.


The Allied for Startups Board