Spotlighting Digital Health Innovation: The EU Patient Digital Health Awards

June 23, 2022
Digital Health

Allied for Startups DTx is thrilled to partner up for the European Patient Digital Health Awards! Following last year’s successful first edition, we applaud the initiative’s mission to spotlight the most patient-focused innovations and allow startups to gain visibility for their work. With the call for applications now open, we invite all European digital health innovators to apply.

“The BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine was developed by a startup, underlining the high-potential value digital health startups have. The EU PDHA Awards are one way to accelerate more digital health uptake and find the next BioNTech,” Benedikt Blomeyer, Director EU Policy at Allied for Startups shares. 

As the most user-centric companies, startups continue to display their problem-solving abilities in reaction to new challenges, all the while remaining true to their users: patients. Healthcare innovation thrives from incorporating end-user feedback – redefining the patient role to an active and collaborative partner throughout the innovation process is key. The most cutting-edge healthcare technologies are those created central to the needs of patients. Patient-driven health innovation builds market-ready solutions that not only respond to patient needs but also provide health care providers with the ability to improve patient care.

Last year’s edition of the EU PDHA welcomed applications from all corners of Europe. We were truly impressed with the quality and diversity of patient-centric innovations aiming to improve health outcomes across Europe. Biel Glasses, Legit Health, Megi and PEP Health were awarded the winners of the EU PDHA 2021 Edition and have since continued to spearhead patient-driven healthcare innovation. 

It is time to shine a spotlight and discover this year’s best digital health solutions improving the health and quality of life of patients and caregivers. Entrepreneurs, the call for applications is live – you have until July 8th to submit your online application and show the jury why your digital health innovation is the most patient-centric solution in Europe. This is your opportunity to be recognised for your work by patient associations, be labeled an EU PDHA winner, and be given access to extended networking opportunities and heightened visibility. Apply now!