AFS’ Journey Towards Climate Neutrality

November 23, 2022
Climate Neutrality

With the Allied for Startups Membership having expressed their interest to incorporate sustainability in the AFS 2022 and 2023 Mandate, we launched a new sustainability vertical to build a global coalition of green tech startups to drive innovation-focused climate action. With sustainability as a core value of our work, Allied for Startups led by example by becoming carbon neutral in 2022. We have decided to leverage on the learnings of this transition, and do even more to engage in the green transition and mitigate climate change through innovation. 

Allied for Startups followed four months of sustainability trainings with CO2 Logic with three clear ambitions in mind: To reduce our own emissions as much as possible; to work on the evolution of our business model and support our partners in the implementation of a more carbon-efficient economy; and to contribute to global neutrality by financing climate action outside our own value chain. 

 What does this mean in practice?

We worked closely with CO2 Logic to understand the impact of our activities and thereby set up a greenhouse gas management system. We calculated our carbon footprint, spent time discussing which actions we could take as an organisation to reduce our carbon emissions, and began implementing these company-wide. We invested in carbon offsetting projects in Burkina Faso and Bolivia, tackling desertification and deforestation through improved cookstoves and Sustainable Agriculture and Land Management practices. As a result of this process, we are proud to have achieved our CO2 Neutral Bronze Label. This label certifies that Allied for Startups has accomplished carbon neutrality in scopes 1 and 2 (direct and indirect owned emissions) and recognises our ambitious strategy to tackle climate change. 

What is next? 

We understand that climate action is not a final destination but a journey of continuous learning. Led by this principle, our commitment goes further. Every year we will review our climate impact to ensure that we keep reducing our scope 1 and 2 emissions and that we go in the right direction to cut them by 50% in 2030 in comparison with 2021. Likewise, we will continue investing in impactful climate projects to offset our remaining emissions. 

We believe in leading by example. As a Member Association, we wanted to set a benchmark for our Members and encourage them to follow. At Allied for Startups, we pledge to contribute all efforts to climate neutrality and to set net-zero goals as a long-term strategy.