The cybersecurity reform is an opportunity for innovation

December 13, 2022

By Alejandra Plaschinski, Director for LATAM at Allied for Startups

Cybersecurity legislation has been under discussion in the Mexican Congress in recent months. This debate comes at a key moment to position Mexico as a leader in the digital ecosystem for Latin America. The reform gives congress the possibility to attract capital investment while boosting small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who are growing their projects every day using digital media and the internet.

Allied for Startups, a global network of startup organisations founded in 2014, recognises the opportunity that the Congress of the Union has to strengthen innovation, inclusion and the consolidation of the digital economy through comprehensive cybersecurity reform. 

For reference, according to the latest predictions of the specialised firm Gartner, by 2025, 60% of organisations will take cybersecurity into account as a determining factor when carrying out transactions and commercial commitments with third parties.

To ensure that this comprehensive reform does not inhibit innovation and growth of small entrepreneurs who use digital media as a market platform, we are convinced that the way forward is to continue to work closely with Mexican policymakers.

At Allied for Startups, our mission is to build a global consensus on public policies that have a positive impact on high-growth businesses, entrepreneurship and the digital economy.

Our network of more than 45 organisations extends over 35 countries and 5 continents and represents more than 23,000 entrepreneurs worldwide.

Our members are regional and national trade associations and civil society organisations that represent and support thousands of startups.

By giving startups a voice, we help inject tomorrow’s perspective into the conversation, shifting the focus of decision-makers towards the future of digital. We are working towards better policies for startups and, at the same time, we are achieving greater inclusion in the digital economy and beyond.

We are confident that in Mexico, the new regulatory framework considers the opportunity for the consolidation of the digital ecosystem in the country and is the start of a collaborative discussion around a digital economy that includes  Mexican startups and entrepreneurs.