World Water Day: Startups’ contributions to solving the water challenge

March 22, 2023
World Water Day

The world is currently facing a global water and sanitation crisis resulting in a lack of access to safe drinking water for a significant amount of the world’s population. The United Nations has launched a call to action to find solutions to tackle this pressing challenge. Startups have responded to this open call and continue to deploy innovative solutions to sustainably manage water. On the occasion of World Water Day, we wanted to highlight some of these startups that are generating a positive impact on the environment and their communities. A few examples:


Majik Water: A startup based in Kenya, employs a technology called atmospheric water generation, which captures water moisture from the air, producing affordable drinking water in scarce water communities. It’s also an eco-friendly solution as it reduces the usage of limited freshwater and Greenhouse Gas emissions. 

Kilimo: Efficient irrigation systems are critical to avoid water wastage, given that over half of the freshwater in the world is employed for irrigation. Kilimo applies big data to enable farmers to optimise the use of water and achieve their sustainable goals. 

Oneka Technologies Produces drinking water through a wave-powered desalination system through renewable energy which doesn’t produce Greenhouse Gas emissions, is drought-proof, off-grid, and doesn’t require land space. Their technology applied in coastal zones is aimed at industry purposes, public services, or emergency relief, increasing the climate resilience of their communities.

Indra water is an Indian-based startup that has developed a water treatment for recycling domestic and industrial wastewater for non-potable reuse applications such as textiles and dyes, or the paper industry. Their solution is easily scalable, fully automated and generates a positive environmental impact thanks to its low energy consumption, no chemical additions, and its minimal carbon footprint.


These are just four examples of startups with a solid commitment to sustainability solving our more pressing societal challenges. Startups can play a crucial role in our shared sustainable future and economy. A startup-friendly policy landscape that empowers more entrepreneurs to start-up and scale will allow for more innovative ideas to turn into game-changing solutions.