AI Act Committee vote: The AI Act should incentivise starting up and scaling

May 11, 2023
Allied for Startups - Press Release - Data Act - Startups - EHDS -INI report

[Brussels, 11 May 2023, contact [email protected]] Allied for Startups welcomes the adoption of the European Parliament’s IMCO and LIBE committees’ joint report on the Artificial Intelligence Act and urges policymakers to consider startups’ perspective in the upcoming negotiations. 

The AI Act aims to ensure that the development and uptake of AI in the EU are trustworthy, transparent, and innovation-friendly. However, it sets out several burdensome requirements for AI systems, which could limit startups’ ability to start up and scale up in the European Union.

Speaking about the adoption of the AI Act, Allied for Startups´ Director, Inés Moreno-Alonso, said A simplified, harmonised, and proportionate AI Act, that maintains the risk-based approach, will be key for startups looking to scale in the Digital Single Market. The new rules should enable startups to compete in the fast changing digital economy.”

Allied for Startups recognises the importance of a regulatory framework for artificial intelligence, which should ensure a harmonised framework for sandboxes, fast and efficient conformity assessment procedures, as well as more clarity regarding the chain of responsibilities in general purpose AI systems 

Allied for Startups will continue to engage constructively with policymakers on this key file for startups ahead of the plenary vote and during the trilogues. The AI Act has the potential to create a regulatory environment fit for startups, where they can unleash their potential, and create jobs and economic value. 

Allied for Startups is a worldwide network of over 40 advocacy organisations focused on improving the policy environment for startups. Our mission is to ensure that the voices of startups are heard in government. For more information on Allied for Startups including a full list of our network, visit the website at www.alliedforstartups.org

You can find the PDF version here