PRESS RELEASE: Data Act: Startups commend EU harmonisation efforts and call for functioning data flows

June 28, 2023
Allied for Startups - Press Release - Data Act - Startups - EHDS -INI report PRESS RELEASE: EU startup associations call for the establishment of a dedicated startup intergroup in the European Parliament

[Brussels, 27 June 2023, contact [email protected]] Allied for Startups welcomes policymakers’ ambition to harmonise rules on access and use of industrial data in the EU. By establishing rules of fair access and use of data, the Data Act has the potential to become a powerful instrument for startups to access and transfer relevant data. While this regulation can contribute to levelling the playing field for startups, they will struggle to comply with the patchwork of complex data regulations.

Speaking about the agreement, Allied for Startups EU Director, Inés Moreno-Alonso said: “We applaud EU policymakers’ ambition to create a harmonised data sharing framework. While we appreciate the efforts to clarify the interplay of the Data Act with existing legislation, we remain concerned that startups will struggle to navigate the current and the upcoming patchwork of regulations.”

While the agreement fosters harmonisation across EU borders, Allied for Startups fears that its uncertain applicability outside the EU territory could undermine international data flows, which are key for startups. Speaking about data transfers, Moreno-Alonso added: “The strict safeguards that apply to transfers of non-personal data outside the EU in the Data Act are setting the foundations for sovereignty requirements that will compel startups to store data within the EU, limiting their ability to choose providers.”

Allied for Startups urges the Commission to act quickly to ensure that systems are in place which allow startups to take advantage of the global ecosystem and create the economies of the future. We will continue to engage constructively with policymakers and advocate for startups to be able to safely and legally transfer data across the Atlantic and beyond.


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