World Diabetes Day: Startups Delivering Solutions without the Sugar Coating 🍬

November 14, 2023

World Diabetes Day, celebrated on 14 November, is an opportunity to spread awareness about the condition and its complications, whilst advocating for better management and care of affected patients. This year’s slogan “know your risk, know your response”, implies that recognising one’s diabetes risk is crucial to supporting disease prevention, while early diagnosis and timely treatment can help mitigate its possible complications. In light of this, we showcase startups’ efforts in tackling this global public health issue, improving education about the condition, and improving the outcomes globally.

PKvitality, a French startup offers the so-called K’Watch Glucose, a continuous glucose monitoring device. The watch utilises a disposable K’apsul patch with micro-points and biosensors to painlessly measure glucose through the skin, displaying the results on the screen. Such non-invasive, smart technologies make for an alternative to traditional blood glucose measuring devices, which might not be well tolerated by everyone. 

New York-based Replica Health is a developer of an AI Healthtech app designed to streamline the management of type 1 diabetes. The app uses machine learning based on an automated event creation algorithm, tracking one’s metabolic health and providing valuable, personalised insights and information. 

Finally, Veri is a Finnish startup offering a metabolic health programme aimed at providing dietary guidance for people struggling with blood sugar fluctuations. The goal is to help stabilise one’s glucose levels, mitigating their risks of diabetes and its complications. The user’s health data is derived from a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) which measures their response to specific foods upon consumption. Based on the insights, the customer is able to understand which products to keep in their diet, and which ones to avoid.

These examples showcase startups’ commitment to providing innovative, technological advancements in healthcare, paving the way for more effective diabetes management and improved outcomes for individuals globally. Here at Allied For Startups, our dedication lies in amplifying their voices, to ensure they are empowered to pioneer not only in healthtech but also across various other industries.