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Startups August 21, 2019 Europe❤️Startups: Why Startups are Europe’s Top Job Creators

Startups accelerate economic growth, expanding and creating jobs faster than the rest of the economy. What can the European Parliament do to enable startups to multiply their contribution to the European market.

Policy Startups June 21, 2019 Problem-Based Learning: A startups’ recipe for policy makers

Online platforms transform the way we purchase, communicate, move and work – everybody enjoys their services everyday. Startups benefit from this thriving platform economy – it helps them to grow, operate with little cost and connect easily with consumers and users. With the platform economy, startups deliver new products and services which benefits consumers and …

Blockchain Policy February 16, 2019 Europe❤️Startups: Why Politicians should spend more time with AI and Blockchain entrepreneurs

Europe is a policy innovator, especially when it comes to new technologies. When doing so, it is important to consider where these new technologies come from. For deep tech, such as AI or Blockchain, startups often are the birthplace of the latest trends. By creating an Intergroup on Startups and Scaleups, the European Parliament and …