Statement on the plenary vote on the Terrorist Content Online Regulation

April 17, 2019
interinstitutional agreement

[Brussels, 17 April 2019] Allied for Startups regrets the outcome of the plenary vote today, which adds an obstacle to early stage entrepreneurs.

The one-hour removal requirement accompanied by financial penalties is untenable for startups which are not able to operate a 24/7 service yet. Especially in their early growth stages, startups neither have the human resources nor the technologies to fully comply with this requirement.

AFS welcomes the general improvements made on the file. The clear reference to the liability regime established by the e-Commerce directive will allow startups to keep thriving in Europe. The text also stipulates that when requiring additional specific measures to prevent terrorist content, technical feasibility of the measures, the size and the economic capacity of the hosting service provider will be taken into account. Benedikt Blomeyer, Manager European Affairs at Allied for Startups, said “All stakeholders agree with the ambition to prevent terrorist content from being distributed online as effectively as possible. Policymakers should consider the workability of this regulation’s provisions for small startups or young platforms and strive for innovation-friendly and proportional solutions”.

We urge the co-legislators to take into consideration the unforeseen effects of the regulation on startups and innovation and to find a balanced approach during trilogues that will be workable for entrepreneurs.

Please find the PDF Version of the letter here