Allied for Startups Grows to Croatia, Romania and Serbia

April 18, 2019

Allied for Startups is proud to welcome three new members to its growing global startup advocacy network. With Startup Zagreb,  Codette and Startit, three startup organisations doing remarkable work in their national ecosystems, are scaling their efforts to a global level.

“Though our members come from different national ecosystems, many startups operate with a global mindset and share challenges and aspirations“, said Melissa Blaustein, Allied for Startups’ Founder and CEO. “We recognise that there is more work that needs to be done in terms of diversity and international cooperation in tech and we’re looking forward to working together with our new members to tackle these challenges.”

Codette is a Romanian organisation for all technology enthusiasts, regardless of gender, age, level of experience or tech branch they work in. They promote diversity and education at all levels and create opportunities for women to work in a technical field. Co-founder Silvia Stegaru said: “We joined Allied for Startups because we believe diversity and inclusion should be at the core of every business, driving innovation and consolidating growth.

Founded in May 2018, Startup Zagreb strives to bring the best practices to Zagreb to create the right environment for the creation and scale-up of new and existing startups. Augustin Jarak, Founder & President of Startup Zagreb, commented: “We joined Allied for Startups because of their advocacy efforts with which they are trying to create a better startup ecosystem.”

Startit is a Serbian non-profit which aims to stimulate technological development and create better conditions for entrepreneurs. Nevenka Rangelov, Entrepreneurship development manager at Startit, said: “After more than ten years of work on the development of the Serbian startup ecosystem, we are truly excited to become a part of the organization that is representing startups on an international scale. We are proud to be here alongside many other amazing organizations, and we hope our joint efforts will go a long way in helping create better ecosystems for startups worldwide.”