PRESS RELEASE: An ambitious Startup Nations Standard can put the EU on route to being the scale-up continent.

March 18, 2021
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Brussels, 19 March 2021,  Allied for Startups welcomes the Startup Nations Standard (SNS) which was presented today by the European Commission.  The Standard consists of a set of best practices that address key hurdles startups in the European Union face. 

Following extensive and in-depth consultations with startup communities across Europe, the European Commission is setting an ambitious benchmark for Member States to aspire to growing entrepreneurship and the digital economy. The ball is now in the court of Member States to fully adopt an ambitious SNS so that startups can provide a digital and green post-COVID recovery. 

Speaking about the release on Friday, Benedikt Blomeyer, EU Policy Director at Allied for Startups said: “The Standard isn’t rocket science, as it consists of tried and tested best practices from across the European Union. Member States should use it as a toolkit to improve the conditions for their startup ecosystems. The Standard can be a big step towards a startup-powered recovery.”

“Entrepreneurs are looking to start up in a location that maximises their chance of success. Startup visas, stock options and a digital-first administration are key factors to help them do that, and they are also signs that the startup ecosystem in that country will be strong. ” 

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You can find the PDF version of the Press Release here.