Announcing the Global Data Flows & Privacy Workstream: Why data flows & privacy can work together and why this supports startups

December 16, 2021

An entrepreneur is only an idea and the right data set away from a startup.  Data is the bedrock of innovation, it fuels knowledge, research, and technology. Today more and more startups use data at the core of their operations, such as AI startups, or as ancillary. While startups are increasingly relying on data to bring their disruptive innovations to market, regulatory hurdles are also increasing. This is why we have decided to create a Global Data Flows & Privacy Workstream!

The European Union has become a trend-setter in legislating the digital economy. This ranges from competition to platforms and all things data. In the last five years, we have seen an increased interest in data regulation from EU Policymakers: The upcoming Data Act, Artificial Intelligence Act, Data Governance Act, e-Privacy, and GDPR. In addition, startup entrepreneurs are telling us that it is becoming increasingly difficult to share and transfer data across markets. Oftentimes bilateral agreements between countries don’t provide startups with the necessary legal certainty to operate. 

The EU has taken the lead in legislating digital policy and often other jurisdictions often follow suit by replicating the EU model. The GDPR is a prime example of this.  

Too little is known about the direct impact that data legislation has on startups, which more often than not have significantly fewer resources than more established players and smaller structures to comply with legislation. For that reason, we have decided to expand our team with someone who can deep-dive into these issues and provide the startup-perspective to data-related policy. We are bringing the voice of data startups to the policy table! 

In 2022, Allied for Startups will set up a 12-month Fellowship to research, publish and develop policy concepts around the increasing challenge for data-intensive startups to transfer and process their data in a global and interconnected society. The role is designed to consider these issues from a startup perspective, while establishing a broader dialogue with investors, academics, policymakers, and companies in various industries who have been dealing with the issue for longer and 

can lend their expertise to the startup ecosystem. There are numerous projects which the Global Data Flows Fellow can deep-dive into, but we are also looking for someone to co-create new workstreams and develop the problem statement outlined above.

We have heard our Members’ concerns regarding data legislation and its impact on startup ecosystems and we are responding by bringing expertise to the team.  We look forward to providing a fresh perspective to this timely and important issue. Data legislation has the potential to empower startup ecosystems and the digital and green transition governments are after.  

If you want to pioneer in leading the policy conversation on startups and data policy and joining a dynamic, proactive, and ambitious dream team, please apply here