Setting the scene for innovation in LATAM

March 31, 2023
innovation in LATAM

This month, our Allied for Startups office for Latin America got involved in a series of dialogues and high-level conversations involving different topics of interest regarding innovation in Mexico and Latin America. 

Open Technology for Innovation opportunities

AFS joined Cómo la Tecnología Abierta Promueve la Oportunidad Económica y la Innovación, a round table event organized by Centro México Digital in Mexico City.  Startup CEOs, members of the tech industry, scientists and government officials engaged in discussions regarding how technology continues to evolve, its implications for innovation, and how openness is key to this. 

The discussion delved into artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, technological history and evolution, and the existing relationship between the academy and public and private sectors. The participants had the chance to hear from internet pioneer Vint Cerf, who in his opening keynote, set the tone for the discussion lending his decades of wisdom and perspective of why an open internet is one best suited for innovation to help guide a productive discussion.


Latin America and the Caribbean High-Level Conference

The AFS team also joined STS: Conferencia de Alto Nivel de América Latina y el Caribe organized by the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) and Foro de Ciencia y Tecnología en la Sociedad (STS). In this forum, members of the highest level in the government and private sectors discussed topics of interest regarding science, technology and innovation from different points of view such as energy, public health, climate change and the startup ecosystem.


Sustainable energy with Dakin Global

The third and last event the AFS team attended was Air Community: Pláticas a todo Pulmón, organized by Daikin Global, a leading innovator and provider of advanced, high-quality air conditioning solutions. This space facilitated an exchange of ideas and knowledge that could empower the community toward innovation.

Startups focused on innovative energy solutions made their pitches to the speakers and the quorum engaged in conversations regarding the interconnection of technology, the academy, science, and investment, and the relationship these have together with innovation. 

Michael McGeary, COO of Allied for Startups highlighted the role and potential of startups in energy and sustainability issues, a key priority in the global policy space. Startups were invited to share the challenges they face regarding the public policy agenda. 

Our involvement in these three events represents an important effort to unify the startup ecosystem and bring it to the policymaking table. 


What is to come? 

If you are interested in following the discussion on all things LATAM particularly about Digital and Tech Talent, make sure you check out our event in partnership with The bridge on April 13. 

On April 19 join us for our round table discussion on the Mexican digital economy, cybersecurity and the startup ecosystem with policy makers, members of Congress and other organizations. What should policies that foster innovation and the digital economy look like in Mexico?