PRESS RELEASE: AI Act Plenary vote: Startups call for a harmonised and proportionate AI Act

June 14, 2023
Allied for Startups - Press Release - Data Act - Startups - EHDS -INI report PRESS RELEASE: EU startup associations call for the establishment of a dedicated startup intergroup in the European Parliament

AI Act Plenary vote: Startups call for a harmonised and proportionate AI Act

[Brussels, 14 June 2023, contact [email protected]] With the adoption by the European Parliament plenary of the joint report on the Artificial Intelligence Act, Allied for Startups urges policymakers to consider startups’ perspective in its upcoming negotiations. 

Speaking about the adoption of the AI Act in plenary, Allied for Startups’ EU Director Inés Moreno-Alonso, stated “The AI Act’s success or failure will hinge on whether it will empower startups to compete effectively in the rapidly evolving digital economy. A harmonised and proportionate AI Act that adheres to a risk-based approach is essential for startups scaling in the Digital Single Market.

The Act imposes demanding obligations on AI systems, potentially constraining the capacity of startups to establish and scale in the European Union and beyond. For startups, any regulatory framework for AI should ensure strong governance, open sandboxes, an AI body with startup representation, and a consistent and horizontal framework that doesn’t hamper innovative generative AI systems.

Moreno-Alonso further commented, “European economic growth is intrinsically tied to startup growth and for startups, AI is the next big play. Clarifying and simplifying AI rules will allow startups to comply successfully and ecosystems to thrive.” 

Allied for Startups and its members will continue to engage constructively with policymakers on this key file for startups during the trilogues. The AI Act has the potential to create a regulatory environment fit for startups, where they can unleash their potential, and create jobs and economic value. 

You can find the PDF version of the Press Release here

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