Call for applications: Patients’ Digital Health Awards

July 6, 2020

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the Patients’ Digital Health Awards! This is a unique opportunity for digital health startups across Europe to gain recognition for their patient-focused innovative solutions and for building meaningful connections with Patients’ Associations and healthcare stakeholders. 

PDHA 2020 will reward 3 person-centric digital health solutions that improve the quality of life of patients and caregivers. One of the award categories is dedicated to digital health solutions developed and used to tackle the COVID-19 health crisis.

PDHA is an initiative that gives a voice to patients: all applications are evaluated, chosen and awarded by the Patients’ Associations themselves. Thus, PDHA is not an ordinary reward, but also an acknowledgement by the patients –  the users of digital health solutions. 

At Allied for Startups we are proud to be a partner of the Patients’ Digital Health Award that identifies and puts a spotlight on startup champions in Europe. As born problem-solvers, startup entrepreneurs are well-placed to react to new challenges and provide solutions for societal needs. For example, startups employ cutting-edge technology to develop innovative solutions against COVID-19, tackle cancer and address mental health issues,

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the digitization of healthcare is accelerating at an unprecedented speed. It is especially important that key stakeholders – digital health entrepreneurs, patients and policy-makers – collaborate and work together to shape Europe’s digital future, empower patients and reduce barriers to healthcare innovation. We believe PDHA is perfectly placed to advance these connections. 


Winners of previous PDHA editions:


PatchAi® is a cognitive platform for collection and predictive analysis of patient-reported data in late-phase clinical trials and Real-World Studies that champions patient engagement to improve patients’ quality of life. 

“PDHA support helped us gain valuable insights through the exchange of creative musings/processes in the network of associations of patients and other stakeholders. We need help building an extensive professional and personal network among key decision makers, so that the “centrality of patient ” does not remain a concept but is translated into active involvement and improvement of quality of life during their healthcare journey.”

Daniele Farro, Co-founder 

Fight The Stroke

Fight The Stroke is a foundation advocating for young stroke survivors with a disability of Cerebral Palsy.

“We’re coming from an emergency phase that has deeply stroke our country and in which the civil society regretted not having been able to benefit from best in class solutions of telehealth. We do encourage more and more chances to network and share knowledge among all the stakeholders in healthcare, as PDHA does.”

Francesca Fedeli, Founder



The Patients’ Digital Health Awards (PDHA) is promoted by the Digital Health Academy in collaboration with 50 Patient Associations and the unconditional contribution of the MSD Foundation. Allied for Startups is an official partner.



Practical information

  • All information, guidelines and application form can be found at the PDHA website.
  • Applications are open for 3 winning categories:

1. A digital health solution that has been already developed, tested or used;

2. A digital health solution developed and used during the COVID-19 health crisis to address the needs of those who, living with a disease, had to manage the difficulties of diagnosis and treatment during the COVID-19 emergency and/or those who contracted the COVID-19.

3. A digital health solution that has been conceived but not yet been implemented or used.

  • Deadline: applications are open until 24 September 2020.
  • The final award ceremony will take place in Rome on the 16th of October and will be streamed live.
  • The Selection Committee is composed of Italian Patient Associations, networks of European Patient Associations, and experts.
  • Additional events in the months following the award ceremony are being considered, including an online event with the winners and Members of the European Parliament.