Policy April 5, 2019 Startup Communities look ahead with policy recommendations

We presented 11 concrete policy recommendations for European leaders at the Startup Europe Summit in Cluj. At Startup Europe Summit, Allied for Startups coordinated with Startup Europe the publication of “Startup Policy Ideas”…

Open Letter Policy March 20, 2019 Entrepreneurs in Europe want to thrive!

Dear MEPs, European entrepreneurs are counting on your support to keep them innovating and are urging you to vote against the adoption of the copyright directive. Let’s find a better solution for startups because the current provisions will harm them. Here is why: The SME exemption proposed in the directive does not work for startups: It can …

Policy March 12, 2019 Upscale Warning for the Startup Nation

The proposed Digital Services Tax will have serious ramifications for France’s ambitions to be a startup nation.

Blockchain Policy February 16, 2019 Europe❤️Startups: Why Politicians should spend more time with AI and Blockchain entrepreneurs

Europe is a policy innovator, especially when it comes to new technologies. When doing so, it is important to consider where these new technologies come from. For deep tech, such as AI or Blockchain, startups often are the birthplace of the latest trends. By creating an Intergroup on Startups and Scaleups, the European Parliament and …

Policy September 29, 2018 Startups & Developers

From Mumbai to Manila, and from Tokyo to Sydney, thousands of innovative and ambitious startups are bustling every day. In a global race for unicorns and new technologies, APAC governments can accelerate the success of local entrepreneurs by seizing the right opportunities. Nurturing entrepreneurs and mobile developers can be the winning ingredient of our economies, …

Policy January 26, 2018 Case in point: PSI Hearing Shows That Startups Belong at the Policy Table

Case in point: PSI Hearing Shows That Startups Belong at the Policy Table Startups like straight talk: If there’s a problem, flag it and fix it. In Brussels, things are sometimes less straightforward. At a recent public hearing on the reuse of public sector information (PSI) stakeholders gave rosie introductions on how good open data …

Policy May 11, 2016 European startups set policy priorities for global growth

Digital leaders from 15 EU member states, 18 associations representing over 10,000 startups, met in Brussels to set policy priorities for the coming year.

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